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Greetings. This is the official site for all of Nathaniel "Namtaräum" Leveck's many music projects. The menu at the top left of the site has selections that will navigate you to most of them. Click or touch the menu icon to display the menu.


Nathaniel was born in the mid seventies in the Midwestern United States. As a child, he lived in towns in the US and Europe before finally settling in El Paso, Texas, which he considers his home town. In 2005, he moved to Wyoming to work in the oil field. It was here that he met his wife and took root.

Music is religion to Nathaniel. Growing up on hard rock, metal, punk, yacht rock, and old country -- the influences are varied. In 1992, he had a project that only lived on a few tapes, music of an industrial slant made with improvised instruments and a Mac LCII computer. After a very long hiatus he again longed to make music in 2013.

This gave birth to Natanas. Subsequent moods gave birth to the rest. Nathaniel never stops making music, it is life. The release count long since passed 50. The music is personal and if you like it, then that's great, but the music was created for himself alone.

Now available

The entire Natanas discography (MP3 320 and FLAC) + videos on 32gb thumb drive for $15.00 (plus shipping from USA). Contact Namtaräum for details (remove spaces from email address).

What follows is my complete chronological discography across all projects. Genres include black metal, grindcore, rock, jazz, doom, and more.


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